Solo Ad Co-Op

HQ Solo Ad welcome all RPM members to the co-op that will take place on October 28th 2017. By using your buying power as a group you are able to buy shares at "wholesale price". Each share you order will entailed you to 64 clicks 100% tier 1 for only $60.

How Does It Work

Our copy writers will create an ad for the RPM team that will be sent to our subscribers. The traffic will be redirected to a rotator that will distribute all the clicks to the share holders.

Read This Before Ordering

  • We recommend using a capture page.
  • Our copywriters will create the ad.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any order.
  • By placing an order you agree to the no refund policy.
  • We can’t guarantee any optins or sales.
  • We reserve the right to start sending traffic before the provisional date.
  • The number of clicks and geo-location will be determined and tracked by our tracking system.

Co-Op Expiration

Order Your Share

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Clicks are an advertisement service and they are defined as non tangible goods/service. We can't guarantee any sales or optins. We can't determine the results you will receive by using our service. If for whatever reason you might have doubts about our service don't place an order. By placing an order you agree to the no refund policy for any reason whatsoever.

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